Mad Men – Season 2 Review

A lot of shows can impress me right off the bat, but not that many shows can truly be as consistently poignant, well-made and sharp as Mad Men. The best thing about the show’s sophomore season is that it addressed the only little problem I had about its debut year: Peggy. Her development in the […]

Mad Men – Season 1 Review

It didn’t take very long for Mad Men to win me over. It practically has everything I look for in a TV show: great production values, beautiful cinematography, top-notch performances and sharp writing. However, the true winning factor for me is the universe the show exists in. After 10 near-perfect episodes, I find myself completely […]

Rectify 1×01/1×02 – Always There / Sexual Peeling

I’ve never been a fan of slow-burning shows, but in the past month I’ve immersed myself in 3 of the slowest yet well-produced and thought-provoking pieces of television. It all started with Breaking Bad (which I finished in less than two weeks), and when that was over I felt the need to replace it with another slow-moving series. Mad […]

Just Shoot Me! – Season 1

While the first season of Just Shoot Me! is sadly short and mediocre, there’s no denying the show built a wacky, colorful universe in the span of six 20-minute episodes. There’s something deeply comforting about watching this show, but unlike Newsradio and Less Than Perfect, it’s not just the workplace setting that makes Just Shoot Me! so entertaining and wonderful. […]

Just Shoot Me! 1×03 – Secretary’s Day

Episodes like Secretary’s Day make me extremely nostalgic. It’s filled with work hijinks such as Finch refusing to accept he’s just a secretary and Nina testing out breast implants, and it guest stars Jay Leno in a cross-promotional marketing attempt from NBC. Ah, the good old days. Still, this was much better than the second episode. The fact […]

Just Shoot Me! 1×02 – The Devil and Maya Gallo

There’s a bit of a tonal difference in the show’s second episode, particularly in the way Maya behaves when she sees the perks of working at her father’s extravagant fashion magazine. Luckily, the writing salvages this bit of uncharacteristic flaw by turning the episode around in the final act. I just love the gang’s meeting at the end […]

Just Shoot Me! 1×01 – Back Issues

I absolutely adore this show. Way before I even discovered Friends, I grew up watching sitcoms that were set in a TV workplace. Just like the highly underrated Newsradio, Just Shoot Me! immediately became one of my favorite childhood shows, so much that it made me want to work at a magazine myself one day. Watching this snappy pilot, […]