“Angel” 4×14 – Release

Another near-perfect hour.

I can’t stress this enough: Faith and Angelus’ presence on this show have turned this season around, making it one of the most entertaining seasons. Their final fight sequence was long, brutal, terrifying and absolutely glorious all in one. I can’t wait to rewatch that because it’s definitely worth it.

The one thing I must still complain about is Cordelia. At this point, I see no reason why the writers keep dragging out this mystery. What is she, exactly? Why is she doing this and what is her purpose? How can she communicate with Angelus and why in the world is she pregnant with Connor’s baby?

So many frustrating questions and I’m binge-watching this show, so I can’t imagine how this must have felt for viewers who had to watch weekly and be disappointed by the lack of answers here. Please fix this soon, writers! This is the only subplot keeping this season from being truly perfect.


– That opening scene has to be one of my all-time favorite opening teasers, of any show. The haunting score, the nifty editing as Faith undresses herself and walks into the shower, the shots of her smashing her fists through the bathroom wall and screaming, the blood… Absolutely mesmerizing from start to finish. Wow.

– Loved hearing Faith saying “five by five”, her signature phrase from the early Buffy days. Ah, the continuity in the Buffyverse will always impress me.

– Hilarious scene at the demon bar as Faith and Wesley torment a demon to get information on Angelus.

– Hmm, why did I actually like Gunn and Fred kissing this time? But don’t get me started on Gunn’s horrendous goat patch. Ew.

– Nifty touch with Faith using knives again. I miss Buffy season three!

– Wes telling Faith he still remembers how she tortured him was another brilliant callback.

– The only things I didn’t like about Angelus and Faith’s final fight were the sound effects used whenever either of them jumped or got kicked. And the slow-mo got a bit redundant by hour’s end.


Lorne: Did I mention that the only shots I’m good at involve Tequila?

Faith: Sorry about your bathroom. Come on, let’s do it.
Wesley: I’m not worried about the bathroom. Although I’m fairly sure my security deposit’s a complete loss.

Angelus (with a smirk on his face): Uh-oh, vampire with a gun!

Faith: Screw you.
Angelus: Maybe after. I like my girls to lie still. (calls over to Wes) Hey, buddy, how’s it goin’ in there? Good old Wes. Always count on him to tackle a bad situation and make it worse. I mean, hey, look how you turned out. But then again, I guess he really didn’t have much to work with now.


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