Just Shoot Me! – Season 1

While the first season of Just Shoot Me! is sadly short and mediocre, there’s no denying the show built a wacky, colorful universe in the span of six 20-minute episodes.

There’s something deeply comforting about watching this show, but unlike Newsradio and Less Than Perfect, it’s not just the workplace setting that makes Just Shoot Me! so entertaining and wonderful. The characters are impressively fully realized right off the bat, and the writing is incredibly sharp and witty. Plus, the show never loses sight of its delightful characters no matter how crazy the hijinks it might put them through.

Despite the slightly disappointing finale, there are enough laughs to warrant this season a very deserving B rating. I didn’t care for Maya, Elliot, and Nina being drugged on the special Chinese candy that Jack brought with him to the office, but the heartwarming ending with Maya getting the recognition she’s been so desperately seeking from her father makes up for this wacky subplot, and brilliantly brings this season together to a full circle.

It’s interesting to watch the season close on Maya happily jumping into an elevator with Jack, one that could be infested with poisonous deadly snakes, but she doesn’t care because she finished editing an entire magazine by herself (twice) whereas she was recklessly getting fired in the pilot. It’s a welcome and heartwarming development, and I can’t wait to see where she goes next.


– I still love the cryptic headlines on the mockup Blush covers in between scenes. So clever!

– I loved Nina’s Birthday because it brought together two seemingly unrelated storylines (Nina being alone on her birthday and Maya wanting to leave the party so badly) in brilliant fashion. These two have a wonderful dynamic, and I can’t wait to see how the show develops this unlikely friendship in the upcoming seasons.

– Elliot taking Maya’s photo for her ID was gripping. The lack of music, the dim lighting, and the brilliantly layered writing…absolutely perfect.


Maya: Finch, the copier’s broken again.
Finch: Maybe that black cloud over your head shorted it out.

Jack: You can start by throwing [Nina] a birthday party.
Maya: Oh, big step. Can’t I just start by throwing her from a train, out of a building, something of that sort?

Nina: Wait, now that we’re friends, just let me go in and erase your name from the men’s room wall.

Maya: Why do we even need photo IDs?
Finch: Because otherwise, any lunatic could walk in off the street and do Nina’s job.

Maya: So this is your studio, huh? Shouldn’t there be a sign on the door for the models that says, “You must be this dumb to enter”?

Finch: So, a sex dream? How was I?
Maya: Absent.

Nina: (entering) I’ve still got it!
Finch: (picks up phone) I’ll have the pharmacy send over some more cream.

Jack: Maya!
Maya: What?
Jack: Presents! Here, I saw this and thought of you. (hands her a scarf) The pictures tell the story of a young girl so beautiful, she stole envy from the moon.
Maya: Wow. It’s beautiful. Thanks, dad.
Jack: Here, Nina, I got you one too.

Nina: An article on aging next to an ad for vodka. Problem, solution.

Finch: I don’t want to scare anyone back to their natural hair color, but I just saw a snake on the elevator.

Elliot: About that crazy thing I mentioned about me wanting to be a ballerina, that was between you and me, right?
Maya: You want to be a what?
Elliot: Oh, God. Who did I tell?

Season 1 Rating


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