“The Other Two” S2E03 & E04 – Chase Guest-Edits Vogue & Pat Hosts Just Another Regular Show

“I like sex too, obviously! I mean, not during the week, but on weekends. Like Sundays, before HBO.”

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’m slightly disappointed that Pat doesn’t get as much of a hefty storyline in this week’s episodes as I’d like, mostly because I think Molly Shannon has been killing it in the titular role of the enthusiastic, optimistic daytime talk show host, but Brooke’s arc more than makes up for that disappointment.

There’s a moment near the end of the third episode where Brooke and Chase are walking back from the Vogue party (that Brooke had to miss) and she sees a version of herself getting wasted and falling down at a bar. For a split second, Brooke admires that person and even goes as far as saying that she misses being that person, only to realize that “[she’s] good”. She has done that life, and now she is a manager who misses big-name parties and spends most of her time on the phone in dull meetings. The best part? Brooke actually loves it.

Drew Tarver (left) and Gideon Glick (right)

That kind of growth from the character she was in season one who was jobless, pessimistic and living in celebrities’ apartments is instantly gratifying for us viewers. Her pride in the big empty apartment she scores is beautiful and satisfying, even if the show implies that all this wealth and fame is not a solution to her loneliness. The difference is that she was already lonely even when she had the toxic Lance in her life and a lackluster housing situation; at least now she is the kind of lonely that makes a living and is able to reach out to Cary for help when needed.

Speaking of Cary, I was very disappointed with his entire storyline. Not only was he dragging Jess along for no good reason, I hate the implication that “gays have to have a crazy slut-phase in their 20s before they can settle down”. In many ways, I think it’s a very important story to tell; however, the show missed an opportunity to subvert these stereotypes and have Cary actually treat Jess with a little more respect and dignity. Regardless, I’m glad this arc is over now and I’m looking forward for some character growth for Cary as we head deeper into season two.