“Scream” 1×08 – Ghosts


Another week, another ridiculously terrible/boring/unexciting episode of MTV’s wildly unsuccessful Scream. With Ghosts, I realized that the biggest problem of this show is its cast. Surely, they could’ve brought in people who know how to act better than that, right?

Either way, Scream has other problems hanging over its head as well. The second of many being the way it’s trying to mislead us into thinking that the killer who’s been loose over the past few weeks has been finally caught in the closing minutes of this week’s episode. I’m all for misdirection and whatnot, but who really believes that Seth is Ghostface? Especially because they just caught him and because it’s been so freakin’ obvious! So no, Scream. I’m not buying your attempts at misleading us. It’s cheap, unentertaining and boring.

I was also really annoyed with how everyone seemed to cope with Will’s brutal death. I really hated the guy too, mind you, but someone you go to school with was cut in half like 3 seconds ago, fellas! Why the hell are you still out there doing “normal” stuff and being alone in creepily dark rooms? That’s surreal.

And another thing (sigh). I know this MTV and everything, but can we please dial it down with all the pop-cultural references? They’re just so exhausting. No one in real life talks like that on a daily basis, and it really makes Scream “funny” rather than “scary” or whatever it is they’re going for.

One thing Ghosts did do right this time was give us more backstory. It wasn’t exactly a mindblowing shocker to find out that Daisy had a kid with Branson (simply because I still can’t care any less about this whole Branson/Daisy stuff), but it was nevertheless intriguing. Add to that Piper’s exchange with Emma about her “dad” and it does make you wonder whether Piper is Emma’s sibling or not. So, you know, there’s still something to enjoy about Scream.

A very small, small something.

Grade: D+


“Gotham” 1×10 – Lovecraft

Grade: A-

Perhaps Gotham’s biggest mistake was giving it 22 episodes in its first season. It made it harder for the writers to stretch the stories and develop a good season arc because the show has mostly been a hit-and-miss.

Apparently, many people didn’t like this fall finale, but I for one thought it didn’t disappoint at all. It seems like the show is on the right track because it’s developing Bruce in a way that is making me truly love him so much. Everything Bruce, Selina and Alfred-related was entertaining and it’s exactly what this show needed.

I’m really enjoying Bruce and Selina together. They had such a powerful opening scene, and watching them run off like that created some amazing character development (jumping off a roof is one example). I was even more delighted by Alfred. The man is a badass, and some cool fighting sequences were exactly what this show was missing. He is by far my favorite character on Gotham right now. He’s smarter than everyone, he was worried shitless about Bruce’s disappearance, and he always has the best one-liners ever. Fish, Harvey and even Gordon should take note.

Those three characters really got on my nerve in this fall finale. I’m usually fond of Jim, but his scenes all felt forced here especially any interaction he had with Dent. I’m totally not digging this guy either and was annoyed with the whole Lovecraft subplot as a whole; glad that’s over. And Fish was her usual annoying self, not adding anything to the episode. I hope Falcone has started to doubt her and is on his way to bring her down because I can’t stand this woman.

Everything else flowed perfectly. The league of assassins going after Bruce and Selina was effective because it brought everyone on the show together in one major arc and it was intense and pulse-pounding enough to keep me interested.

I didn’t think Jim being assigned to the Arkham Asylum was as big of a development as intended, but it should be interesting where they decide to take this character when the show returns. That’s the best thing about Gotham right now. There’s no telling what’s coming at us in January, and this sort of intrigue and darkness is what this show should have been about all along.

Bat Bats

-Was the “Falcone Mansion” caption necessary during the scene where Oswald was being interrogated by him? It was pretty obvious where they were. You know, considering Falcone was there and everything.

-Loved Bruce jumping from roof to roof. Turning into Batman could have easily been a forced and cringe-worthy part of this show, but young Bruce Wayne has been nailing these training scenes. Outstanding.

-So who are these assassins? And why so creepy?

-Harvey Bullock is being so awfully written, it just makes me sad. I wrote once about how I love the character development he’s been given but right now, I hate everything that comes out of his mouth. He’s not even funny either.

-Seriously, Alfred is amazing. Let’s give this guy a big round of applause for giving me more reasons to watch this show.

-Ivy was as underwhelming and irritating as I could have possibly imagined.

-Selina and Bruce kissed! And it wasn’t a terrible moment.

-No Barbara this week so you can understand why the episode earns a high grade.

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